First 15 Rules

Student State Month
Kevin Gates CO March
Robert Knight CO March
Betty Malcom CO March
Daniel Shively CO March
James Moline OR March
Herb Borwig OR March
Roland Stewart OR March
Cathrine Perry NH March
Theresa Marescia NH March
Robert Tarno NH March
Flor Moorjani NH March
Christine Mafera NH March
Ana Pelletier NH March
Lawrence Mclane NH March
Mary Myette RI March
Jeff Scheidner CA February
Don Shively CA February
Rod Angquico CA February
Chaka Hubert CA February
Cameron Bothwell CA February
Robert O’Brien CA February
Rianan Sabalboro CA February
Victor Poltrock CA February
Debora Alter AZ February
Jared Rosburg AZ February
Robert Gilliland AZ February
Winnie Lee AZ February
Steve Adams AZ February
Barry Austin AZ February
Brittany Borka AZ February
Jackie Smoote TX January
Juan “Tony” Diaz TX January
Luis Valadez TX January
Kimberly Navarrete TX January
Sylvia Wright TX January
Alfonso Frias TX January
Jose Marin TX January
Alice Gray TX January
Rose Sauli TX January
Matthew Hardesty TX January
Eduardo Hernandez TX January
Luther Marcena TX January
Ray Baca TX January
Floy Wolf TX January
Chad Mobley NM January
yvonne bracey MD December
Denise Cintron MD December
rojay willis MD December
velyn hampton MA December
bruce carter MD December
leanthony bennett MD December
joseph butler MD December
roxanne johnson MD December
frederick nokes MD December
joseph ashton MD December
evelyn simmons MD December
charles wright MD December
edward butler MD December
patience ahanmisi MD December
ovidio dellacqua MD December
radford goss HI November
mono livsey HI November
laura ashton HI November
jo wong HI November
keoni delacruz HI November
joshua smith TX November
robert palmer TX November
annie clay TX November
timothy gibbs TX November
spring cruz tx November
darci cole UT November
rochelle hillman NV November
clive pace NV November
hal kirk NV November
michael dailey NV November
melany ware NY October
derrick walters-bey NY October
barbara croce NY October
alecia douglas NY October
jeanne daum NY October
margery orts NY October
samiah jamal NY October
gilda bermudez NY October
ronald stawniczy NY October
freddie clark NY October
courtney mahoney NY October
mark gamma NY October
ronald barger NY October
tudia waite NY October
derrick walters-bey NY October
margaret gauthier CA October
scott chen CA October
ying liu CA October
nancy sutorius CA October
fely caoili CA October
joy fabre-garcia CA October
hyos kang CA October
d. bradley AB October
lynn innis AB October
corinne denchuk AB October
jesse lund AB October
gulshan chojar IL October
girish shah IL October
li chen IL October
joey boldt IL October
blanca astorga NM September
chuck willis NM September
lou maser CA September
steve zavala CA September
teresa hernandez CA September
angie taylor MN September
mose stamps MN September
wendy townsend MN September
bernadette fielding MN September
pam evans MN September
rivkah koppel NC August
betty burkhalter GA August
ray ochylski CA August
dorian collins VA August
anne brooks OH August
ruben anderson TX August
blanche clark TX August
tony escasa TX August
lakeisha dodson TX August
roy white OK August
carol olsen CA August
margeret beasley GA August
camilla brown SC August
dana linn SC August
william farmer TX August
thomas haner TX August
joe killip TX August
rick james TX August
lisa edwards TX August
raul garcia TX August
victor reyes TX August
curtis washington TX August
mario salazar TX August
andrew freser NY August
joy bonilla NY August
gem fields NY August
donald hansley NY August
willie austin NY August
michael badalucco NY August
donald kregsman NY August
louie porter NY August
warena johnson IL August
gae conroy IL August
angela lei IL August
richard stewart IL August
jayanti thakkar IL August
mary keane IL August
anil jain IL August
kathy avery VT July
robert gordon VT July
sharry timber LA July
anne landrun-stockstill TX July
mryna king TN July
audrey miller LA July
tawanda mahondy LA July
randall lolis LA July
calvin moore LA July
henry collins LA July
melanie breaux LA July
bryan hanson OR July
christine vanwormer OR July
andy hong OR July
JIM petersen OR July
walter young ON July
jessie silver ON July
abdul habib ON July
cyble short TN July
suzie housley TN July
dennis elwell TN July
andrew gray BC July
dakota lujan TX July
herald hughes TX July
billie dover OH July
robert romine OH July
jj owens NM July
ray speller KY July
la shay todd KY July
julie Lague KY July
herbert wilborn TX June
joann hall TX June
mahasin hazziez TX June
bob hornbuckle TX June
yogesh shah TX June
joseph wilson TX June
sylvia morris TX June
tom simmons TX June
lucy conklin TX June
devin stone TX June
brian jackson TX June
chris lorden TX June
brantley hinshaw TX June
randy gerst TX June
daniel keizer TX June
francesca coleman NY May
michelle warner NY May
steve williams NY May
sandra gadsen NY May
rene gotay NY May
michael bailey NJ May
brian brewer NY May
pedro morales NY May
denise crawford NY May
suzie jeudy NY May
stelios mantalis NY May
norman thomas NY May
philippe bakro NY May
paul kupeksky May
chandradat prasad May
michael williams PA April
Gregory Mercer PA April
larry jones jr pa April
tareek standard NJ April
Virginia Ezeife PA April
sylvia Fitten PA April
Joyce Fowler pa April
maurice carters NJ April
karl klein PA April
aj addeo NY April
jeff xu MD April
Tim Forest NJ April
James Ohr NJ April
jim denham NJ April
Gary Todd NJ April
Norman Grusy OR April
Bert Ou OR April
Martin Lewin OR April
dwayne Falk OR April
Justin Kiesz OR April
Bernadette Minnifield WA April
Marco Torres WA April
Gabriel Paramo CA April
Donald Barnes CA April
Shakeel Darugar CA April
Gina Apodaca CA April
Michael Bupasiri CA April
chau pham CA April
rachelle riley CA April
andrew greer CA April
Tracy Belanger WI March
Anthony Feltheim WI March
Larry Guderyon WI March
Nancy Busse WI March
Amy Herde WI March
octavio Fernandez WI March
Nicholas Murray WI March
John Reed WI March
Nancy Huguet WI March
Song Chang CA March
Roberto Contreras CA March
Albert Gamelon CA March
Michael Sweeney CA March
Hemanth Kumar CA March
Vincent March


Employees of the company are not eligible, nor are participating retailers, their respective parental companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, representatives, wholesalers, distributors, advertising and promotion agencies, suppliers and the immediate family members and/or those living in the same household of each. Limitations: iPad Mini are limited to one per qualifying individual. All claims subject to verification. Only individuals eighteen years of age (18) or older are eligible to obtain an iPad Mini. Details of Participation: 15 iPad Mini will be given out each month by the company to qualified individuals. To qualify, you must be among the first 15 callers to register for a particular event region and then you must attend a company event. 15 winners will then be drawn each month from all of the qualified individuals for that month. NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR RECEIVE AN IPAD MINI. A PURCHASE OR PAYMENT WILL NOT INCREASE OR IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF OBTAINING THE IPAD MINI. The company’s iPad Mini Terms and Conditions:

Void where prohibited by law.

All federal, state and local taxes, insurance, licensing, registration and title fees are the sole responsibility of the qualifying individual.

All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

No transfer/substitution of prize by qualified individual are permitted.

The company reserves the right to substitute the iPad Mini with an item of equal value. By participating in this promotion, entrants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, and the decisions of the company.

The company is not responsible for late, lost, damaged, incomplete, illegible, postage due or misdirected mail/claims, or for faulty, incorrect or mis-transcribed phone/e-mail transmissions, incorrect announcements of any kind, technical hardware or software failures of any kind including any injury or damage to any person’s computer related to or resulting from participating in or experiencing any materials in connection with the promotion, lost or unavailable network connections, or failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmission that may limit a user’s ability to participate in the promotion. The company reserves the right to cancel or modify the terms and conditions of this promotion if fraud, misconduct or technical failures destroy the integrity of the program. In the event a dispute arises with respect to the selection of a specific individual entitled to receive an iPad Mini, the company is solely responsible for making a determination as to who is a qualifying individual, is in its sole discretion. All decisions are final.

Any use of robotic, automatic, programmed or the like methods of participation will void all such submissions by such methods.

By accepting an iPad Mini, qualified individuals agree to hold the company, and its directors, officers, employees and assigns, harmless against any and all claims and liability arising out of the iPad Mini or equivalent value offer.

Recipients assume all liability for any injury or damage caused, or claimed to be caused, by participation in this promotion or use or redemption of any iPad Mini or offer.

The company is not responsible for any typographical or other error in the printing, the offering or the announcement of any prize/offer or in the administration of the promotion.

The odds of becoming a Qualified Individual are completely dependent upon the number of invitations mailed by the company on any given week to a specific event region.

iPad Mini operating system may vary from image displayed on marketing material.

Apple and iPad is a trademark of the Apple Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries. The company is an independent company and is not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by the Apple Corporation. The company does not provide any express or implied warranties regarding the performance of Apple’s products.